McMillian Moody
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 82

Come spend a few weeks with Ted Wendel, the gregarious, fun-loving, pastoral care minister on staff at First Church. Most locals know him as "Father Ted," the beloved monk on the Royal Tire commercials--a delightful side job with a host of colorful characters behind the camera.For the first time, readers will enjoy getting to know Ted's energetic wife Patty, the love of his life. When not at home, Father Ted splits his time between counseling First Church members, mentoring young Elmo Jenkins, hosting a radio program, and occasionally coming to the rescue of zany senior adult Erlene Markham.But there's a problem--someone's in hot pursuit of Father Ted! When he finally meets the mystery man, he's in for the surprise of a lifetime. Will it rock Ted and Patty's world or is it all a ruse?In this new novelette series, author McMillian Moody gives readers a sneak peek into the colorful lives ...
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