Rowena May O'Sullivan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 254

Four hundred years ago, Immortal Warlock Aden Dragunis defied his elders and married a mortal without Magical Potential. On his first wedding anniversary he crafted his Beloved a magical silver rose which bloomed only for her. When she and his mortal children died one by one, he buried his heart along with them and vowed henceforth to never love again and to serve the Coven without question, always.When sent by the Supreme Coven, Marylebone, to ensure Rosa Greenwood meets her fate, the vow he made all those centuries ago unravels and he is shaken to the core when he discovers Rosa in possession of the silver rose he crafted for his beloved. Rosa risks being consumed by her own power. She must bind her magic with her destined mate within one calendar month, or willingly surrender her magic forever. If she refuses, Marylebone’s Dragons will hunt her down and burn her magic from her – ...
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