50 Things To Know
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Pages: 34

Do you want to live a life of luxury within limited budget?Have you ever compromised on luxuries due to tight budget?Are you worried about your increasing expenses? Don’t you have budget to meet the needs?If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you...50 Things to Know about Living a Life of Luxury on a Budget by Amara Abid offers amazing facts that unfolds the secret of living a luxurious life on a budget with all practical tips. Most books on Living a Life of Luxury on a Budget tell you about things that will allow you to fulfill the dream of your luxurious life, but the tips provided by other books are sometimes not applicable for many people with low budget. Although there's nothing wrong with that as they bring many facts that you are not aware of. In fact, such books are also good for certain audiences. Based on knowledge from the world's leading ...
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