Hans A. Adhemar
ASIN: B00T86E7K6
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 11

The V.I.P is a very special pick 4 lottery system, as this will allow you to have box and straight hits when the time is right. There is no need to play everyday, you could start by focusing on getting box hits or going for straight hits, but i suggest you start by getting box hits first. This one is a winner, i sure hope that this alone will bring you consistent wins.This has been designed to start low or go high on the hits, meaning that you can start playing 4 sets for box hits, or play the full 9 sets.How do we convince the lottery machine to spit out the winning lottery numbers ?well i'm pretty sure that with this lottery book, you will soon hold a winning lottery ticket. Unlike the pick 3 lottery game, the pick 4 pays more. The trick with this lottery ebook is to find pick 4 lottery patterns that show up. Believe me, this is better than lottery ticket scratchers and lotto soccer. ...
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