Tanya R. Taylor
Publisher: Nightmares & Mysteries (TRT Publishing)
Pages: 157

She's the only one that sees them...Shortly after giving birth to her baby, Tina sees the hooded figures dressed in all-black robes surrounding the mansion. She is convinced they want her child. But why? Her fiancé, Trent, thinks that the love of his life has suddenly gone berserk and he is ultimately forced to make a decision that has the potential to devastate his family and leave his relationship with Tina hanging in the balance.Later, he learns a sinister truth about his ancestry that shocks him and unveiled is a revelation involving his one and only son that will threaten all within his reach.A tired mansion in the woods.Dark secrets.Beautiful French woman on the run.˃˃˃ Series overviewMatheson is no ordinary man regardless of his seemingly perfect life. He shares the DNA of pure Evil and fights to keep his true identity a secret from those around him. A secret - if exposed ...
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4.5 stars from 10 ratings
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