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FANS, Check Out The Second Book Of Our Newest SeriesBEST MINECRAFTS ADVENTURE: Dylan, Zeke, and the Obsidian PortalDownload your copy NOW and read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited or Prime Membership.Don't have kindle? No worries! Read it on your PC, Mac, Tablet Or Smartphone! Dylan finally makes it through the Obsidian Portal — and finds his problems have only just begun!He joins a rabble of MineCraft characters, lead by hero HughMayne, and their goal is to defeat Out-Span. But Out-Span is nowhere to be found, and the group gets ambushed by skeletons riding on spiders.Learn more about Out-Span's evil plans for MineCraft, the princess Alazeen, and Dylan’s annoying donkey, Bray. Will Dylan ever make it home again? And who are the mysterious intelligences who control MineCraft?Find out in “Dylan, Zeke, and the Obsidian Portal, part 2!”Tags: children books, kids books, computer game ...
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