C.Steven Manley
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 306

WHEN DARK PORTALS OPEN, PARAGONS WILL AWAKEN.Israel and Erin, two strangers with lives that couldn’t be more different, wake together in modern day dungeon with no memory of how they got there.Abducted while trying to escape, they are thrust into a world of secret societies, hidden history, and people with miraculous abilities. People, they soon learn, that are just like them.With a doomsday cult plotting to open portals for the dark entities they call gods, Israel and Erin must choose whether to use their newfound abilities to help avert the crisis or stand back and let humanity fend for itself.It’s like the X-men meets Lovecraftian horror in Awakened, Book One of The Paragons Trilogy. If you like an action thriller with a heavy dose of the fantastic, then you’ll love C.Steven Manley’s Paragons Trilogy.Get your copy now and discover what it means to be Awakened!
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