C.Steven Manley
Publisher: Nightrunner Press
Pages: 306

When Dark Portals Open, Heroes Will Awaken.Israel Trent is a man living his dream as a crime reporter for the Chicago Tribune.Erin Simms is a young woman whose life is a blur of neon lights, drug-fueled diversions, and being in the wrong places with the wrong people.These two strangers wake up together in a modern day dungeon with no memory of how they got there and come face to face with monsters that neither ever dreamed existed. Rescued by agents of the mysterious Sentry Group, the duo soon find their lives turned upside down.As Israel and Erin learn about the hidden parts of human history and the secret societies that keep it that way, the truth of their own incredible genetic legacy is revealed. Armed with powers they never imagined could be real, Israel and Erin must choose whether to stand against the horrors soon to be unleashed upon the world or step back and let humanity fend ...
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5 stars from 45 ratings
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