Mxolisi Mashiloane
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 32

A book about a young boy born in 1986 who grew up from an abusive family and he also had a body part that was a bit different from other kids and he will be labelled with it, that never made him happy at all, as young boy he didn't like that body part as well and could not accept it, he will be very angry every time some calls him with his body organ that he wished he could have exchanged. H e grew up with that anger that was not only from how he looks but also from the abusive family. His father was a drunkard who was abusive to his mother and he is still a drunkard to this day am writing this (16-03-2015) but he found a way of not letting the anger caused by the abusive father to distract him anymore and his story will inspire on how he used his anger to do good in lifer and to be the happy person he is today.
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