AR Simmons
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Pages: 330

Blue Creek's "golden girl" is gone! Two days ago Shara McGregor, the girl whose face adorns the junior college billboard on the highway, headed west to Springfield. A bright future lay ahead. After she completed her undergraduate degree, her mentor, former State Senator Willis Sparkes would pull strings to get her into a good law school. Despite her humble origins, the small-town girl seemed destined to be among the future "movers and shakers." Shara never made it to Springfield. Yesterday, two counties away, three drunken teenage boys found her car hidden in the woods near an abandoned cemetery in the Irish Wilderness area of the Missouri Ozarks. Having lost the keys to their own car, they "borrowed" hers to go home for another key. When a deputy stopped them, he found blood in the car--lots of blood. Since whatever happened to Shara began in Blue Creek, Hawthorn County has ...
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