Thomas Elton
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 18

Cats - Cat Breeds - Cat Care - The Cat Whisperer - Pet Care - Education:Are you keen to find out more about Cats? Are you in search of fun Children's Books? Discover great facts about all different types of cat breeds and their distinctive characteristics, plus view them in their great splendor as you browse through our great color pictures.Also discover how man has forged a great bond and domesticated cats over the last 2000 years.All over the world many people are cat lovers and own them as pets. Humans have learned to appreciate them and also worshipped and spoil them with gifts, they are also considered being sacred in many societies.Come and discover why so many people love these majestic animals and find out what breed of cat is best for you!The Cool Cat Fun Facts & Amazing Pictures eBook Guide: has been created to help educate children and adults about the different types of ...
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