T.B. Giboney
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 342

In tomorrow’s world, people can live forever but this paradise has a price: No new life! The world suffers a pandemic as almost all babies are born as Shell Births, perfect in every way but without life. Shock and sorrow turned to violence. Women tried anything and everything to avoid a Shell Birth without success, resulting in mass suicides of women. Humanity accepts its fate saying “Life Is Good” to put from is memory that The Angel of Death wears a baby’s face.Two women try to solve Shell Births but they encounter moral quandaries and ambiguities as they try to resolve the collision among designer DNA medicine, the all-knowing Computer and a static society. What is life, the women ask? Is there new life in our future? But is one of the women even alive?They discover more alternatives to humanity’s future. The end is the beginning but humans must Now Choose.
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