Amber Mia
Publisher: Axiom Core Publishing
Pages: 44

Native American Medicine Discover the Natural Healing Secrets and Remedies for Your Mind, Body and SpiritIn this eBook you are going to discover the natural healing secrets and remedies that will benefit your mind, body and spirit. This is a self-help eBook which will help you to prepare these remedies yourself at home in order to heal medical problems that you or your loved ones may be suffering from. The history of the Native American Medicine goes back to over 40,000 years ago when the indigenous tribes that occupied America and Canada used herbs, plants and certain ingredients to heal medical problems. They made teas, infusions, decoctions and poultices which were very effective and we can turn to them to make medicinal remedies like these indigenous tribes did, healing and curing illnesses naturally with few or no side effects.Before the pharmaceutical companies were started, the ...
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