Anna Celeste Burke
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 353

USA Today bestselling author, Anna Celeste Burke, brings you more calamitous sleuthing Jessica Huntington style! She's back and hot on the trail of "la crème de la crud"--bad guys with deep pockets!Murder and mayhem take Jessica Huntington to new heights when Libby Van Der Woert wants to meet at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The disturbed daughter of Jessica’s wealthy clients, Libby says she has information about her friend, Shannon Donnelly. Another mixed-up daughter of the rich and famous, no one has heard from Shannon Donnelly in over a week. Trouble begins the moment Jessica greets Libby in the Mt. San Jacinto Wilderness. Wild, manic, and sure she’s being followed, Libby’s got a gun. All hell breaks loose when Libby’s Beverly Hills shrink shows up with a gun of his own. What’s up with the missing and misguided daughters of wealth and privilege in Dr. ...
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