Colin G Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 45

Thought Symbols Magick Guide Book Manifest Your Desires in Life using the Secret Power of Sigil Magic and Thought Forms What if having everything you desire was as simple as visualising it. What would you do if you could manifest your desires into reality? Who would you become? How would your life change for the better? You may find it impossible to believe, but it is possible to make the visions and dreams currently in your mind realities. Thought Symbols Magick teaches you everything you need to make the impossible possible, to manifest success, wealth, love and power with nothing but the power of your mind and the magic of sigils.Thought Symbols Magick is a sigil ebook that delves into the realm of thought symbols magic, the process of drawing what you want to you with the power of sigils. This very real, very potent form of modern magick has been put to use by many who realised the ...
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