Melanie Anna Mitchell
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THIS FAST BOOK YOU NEED TO READ Thousands of babies are injured each year at home! In fact until the age of 4, more children are injured at home than anywhere else. Please help other parents by Rating & Reviewing this book after downloading. Did you know drowningis the number one cause of domestic death for babies. Many of these happen during bath time! In this book you will learn 25 tips how to reduce and eliminate mistakes other parents do at bath time.The kitchen is the most dangerous room in the house for kids, with hot surfaces and liquids, sharp knifes, glass Tupperware, electricity plugs and sockets, toxic household cleaners, small objects to swallow.. Get access to 28 tips to prevent baby accidents in your kitchen!Poisoning - Did you know every year, Poison Control Centers receive about 2.2 million calls seeking medical help for poisoning!! You CAN NOT allow yourself not to ...
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