Robin Briar
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 130

The Well of Transformation is calling to Jessica, stronger than ever before.Mason and Trent, the two werewolves in her life, are fighting for her affection. Both of them insist on coming with Jess to the mystical place from her vision.After traveling through the forest and climbing to the peak of a mountain, Jessica steps into the ancient, magical waters, and everything changes. First, her body is painfully reforged into its natural form. Second, she is transported to the last place she wants to be. Finally, she finds out not just who she is, but what she is.Now that Jessica knows the truth about her past, she will decide who to trust and who to build a future with going forward.One thing is for sure: the rebellious witch maiden now has more power than her wildest dreams.Category: Paranormal erotic romance.ENTWINED HEARTS is the fifth book in the SORCERY & SHIFTERS series. The books of ...
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