S.S. Segran
ASIN: B00V56524W
Publisher: INKmagination Books
Pages: 466

Worlds Collide . Heroes AriseA Missing World War II Bomber... A Baffling Contagion... Widespread Famine ... Nations at the Brink of War... An Apocalyptic Prophecy... Five Unlikely Heroes"If Daniel Silva and Rick Riordan had a love child, it would be the young S.S.Segran." ~The OnlineBookClub.org~On a bright July morning in 1948, a B-29 Superfortress flying a top-secret research mission over Nevada crashes into the calm waters of Lake Mead and sinks, remaining lost for half a century.It has been nearly a year since five friends - Jag, Kody, Mariah, Tegan and Aari - mysteriously reappeared in a small town in Yukon several weeks after their small plane went down in Northern Canada. All were found unharmed but with no recollection of what happened to them after the accident.A baffling contagion is spreading across the bread-basket of North America destroying vital crops. As this dark shadow ...
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