Bradley Ward
Publisher: Bradley Ward
Pages: 293

Fleeing his home planet with what remains of the human race, Spence looks to the stars as he attempts to find closure to the tragedies of losing his family, only to discover that a new disaster in the form of an approaching vessel in space will seek to wipe out his ship, the Excalibur. Finding himself desperately seeking a solution to the alien threat, Spence gathers his closest friends and makes a last ditch effort to protect everyone on board, only leading into a whirlwind of emotional and physical turmoil.The setting takes place in the problematic future, after humans failed to secure any chance of life continuing on the planet Earth, they sought out into space for a new home, encouragingly naming it Hope. Though their efforts for living alongside nature and fulfilling a balance of life, the planet was incapable of sustaining itself. Pieced together into one large space ...
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