Eric Hall
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 48

Are You a Drone or Quadcopter Owner Looking to Explore Unique Business or Recreational Opportunities?You’re about to learn over two dozen unbelievable uses for your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) you may have never dreamed were possible, until now. The Wonderful World of Quadcopters and Drones: 28 Creative Uses for Recreation and Business is the latest in bestselling author Eric Hall’s Drone and Quadcopter series about this fascinating technology.˃˃˃ What will this book tell you?-How to properly navigate FAA regulations-A brief history-Recreational, competitive games-How a drone can be used to capture photos and video of important events-How a drone cannot be used at this time-Unique ideas for the hobbyist or business owner-So, so much moreBegin exploring incredible personal and commercial possibilities and learn the many ways UAVs are changing the world as we know it, from the ...
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