Ariel Paiement
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 130

Life as a princess isn't easy for Blanca. Her mother died years before her time, and Blanca has been left to herself. Her mother's death came because of an illness developed while caring for the poor and sick. Watching this and knowing why her mother died had sown a seed of anger and bitterness in Blanca's heart. With no one to guide her, darkness had free reign. She had fought the darkness growing in her soul, but when she met Brenn, it was impossible to keep fighting. He taught her everything he knew about magic and honed her gift. But keeping her nightly lessons and her forbidden love a secret from her father and the rest of the kingdom isn't an easy feat, and she soon realizes that she'll need to figure out what she truly wants. She's fallen in love with her tutor, and he's the one person who makes it bearable, but he is a man she can never have if she wants to remain heir to the ...
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