Michael John Grist
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 262

The Last man alive vs. 7 billion zombies. Action, gore and ingenuity. How would you survive?When the zombie apocalypse hits America, not a soul is left alive.Except Amo. He's a comic book artist. He's a video game world builder. He's just a regular guy living in New York City, with only his wits, creativity and basic decency to guide him. He's alone against 7 billion zombies.Will he survive?A blistering take on the horrors of a zombie apocalypse, and one man's thrilling struggle to survive, with a twist that'll rip your head off and eat your brains.The Last is a standalone zombie survival thriller, continued in Book 2 of the Zombie Ocean, The Lost. Burning questions will be raised and answered, like:- How do you survive when the whole world wants to eat you? - Where does hope come from when you're the last one alive? - Where are all the zombies going, and what on Earth do they really ...
Amazon Rating:
4.5 stars from 210 ratings
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5 stars from 1 rating