Katherine Holt
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 241

Meet Regency England's most dysfunctional family.Evelyn Thompson isn’t much of an actress, but she’s an expert at keeping a stiff upper lip.When The Liberty Troupe are asked to perform for the Duke of Wellington, it seems like the chance of a lifetime. Their last production was a disaster, but with The Yorkshire Advocate covering everything from preparations to performance, a good review could mean big things for the troupe.But the pressure puts a strain on the players’ already fragile relationships. Evelyn is struggling to stay on civil terms with her alcoholic mother, and her artist father seems to have picked up a troublesome commission. Then there’s the reporter who’s been assigned to the story - he’s terribly handsome, but he’s asking some strange questions…As opening night looms, pretending everything is going well won’t be enough.The Review is the first book in ...
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