Ashley Deppeler
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 50

Written specifically for budget travellers and part of the immensely popular 'Your Handbook Guide' travel series Your Handbook Guide to Budget Travel is perfect for first time travellers who are travelling abroad on a limited budget. Packed full of information and providing you with a wealth of tips and tricks book answers questions such as: * How can I travel the world for months at a time on just 15 Euros per day?* How do I find the cheapest price available for flights?* What are the best budget travel destinations?* How can I automatically receive discounts of up to 50% off major attractions?* How do I avoid budget airline surcharges?* How do I budget for a country and ensure that I can travel as cheaply as possible? Written by a long term traveller with over forty countries worth of travel experience Your Handbook Guide to Budget Travel takes into account every style of travel and ...
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