Eric Stein
Publisher: Disruptive Publishing
Pages: 108

How on earth are you supposed to stay healthy while living life on the road? With truck drivers leading the pack in terms of health and weight-management issues, many people have given up hope of turning their lives around. This book contains ACTIONABLE CONTENT and gives clear-cut instructions on how to make the best possible decisions for you health and well-being all while living over-the-road.What's the best option when the only thing around is a buffet? How can I put together healthy meals that actually taste good while on the road? What items should I order from a fast-food joint that will do the least harm? This books contains answers to these questions, any many more.From the author:"It is my hope that this book will reach the brave men and women that live their lives over-the-road and keep this country moving. Without these Road Warrior's our way of life is drastically ...
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