Richard Foreman
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 76

This book serves as you’re first and foremost guide for homesteading. Homesteading is not just a new type of gardening or some fancy way of living currently in vogue. It is one of the most ancient methods practiced by several civilizations as you have understood by now and the closest way to living in harmony with nature. Homesteading way of life was very common in the past and people have been consistently growing fruits and vegetables in their backyard from times immemorial. Moreover, the concept of raising chicken in the backyard pen is not uncommon either. While the idea of homesteading and self-sufficiency might not be new, the ways in which homesteading is practiced has certainly undergone a drastic change.It is a way of life and a choice you make. I understand any change comes with resistance and suspicion especially when it requires your precious time and energy on a day to ...
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