Brighid O'Sullivan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 79

Formerly, 100 Things You Didn't Know About Ireland, renamed, 150 Things You Didn't Know About Ireland, contains 50 BONUS FACTS FROM IRISH HISTORY @ the same low price.This captivating book is not your usual humdrum historical account of names, dates and battles. In this book you will find Irish trivia and misconceptions about the Irish, culture to amuse and educate, and history as well as little known scientific discoveries made by Irish men and women.The book is written in plain language for people of all ages. According to one review, "It's Irish history without the boring bits." You will read about Ireland's numerous struggles for independence, equality, and justice, while giving due credit to the generosity and ingenuity, intellect and perseverance of many outstanding people from the Emerald Ilse. Read about Irish men and women like Nellie Cashman who, after emigrating to America ...
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