Anthony Murphy
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 44

Are you a US citizen? Ever wanted to work on a cruise ship? Want to learn how- in a book you can read in WELL under an hour? Learn how from someone who has.worked on 9 cruise ships.This 1 Hour Guide will teach you-*How any US citizen with a clean record can get a job-fast!*Where and how to apply- *Email addresses, websites, job descriptions, typical pay, and hours.*Opportunities for those who have never been on a ship- but want to. *What jobs are available- and where. Apply for the companies that cruise where you want to go. .*What to say to ACE the interview.*Which companies pay the most- a few pay several times as much as the other 95%- learn which ones.* The realities, rewards, and challenges of working on a ship- Learn about ship life, housing, meals, drills, pay periods, and more. Ship life is NOT for everyone- see if YOU have what it takes to be successful.All 1 Hour guides are ...
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