D.D. Miers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 224

I’m not the savior they want . . . but I’m the only one they’ve got.Blend in. Ignore my impulses. Look, but never, under any circumstances, see. These are the rules I live by. Without them, I’ll end up back in the psychiatric ward, strapped to a cement bed, while being told the pills will make me better. They don’t. I started lying and “got better,” but all it takes is one night for the walls blocking my visions to come crashing down. People say the monsters in your closet aren’t real, but I see them. Feel them. And they want me dead. Now a Council of Immortals claim I’m the Relic Keeper. A sentinel, destined to battle a newly risen sorceress. They insist they want to help me, but in a world filled with seductive immortals and deadly magic—I trust no one.And if I had a choice, I’d walk away from it all, but the Relic chooses its Keeper, and apparently, it’s ...
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