Steve Ryan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 96

Download now, 99 cents for a limited time. Take advantage before price goes up to $2.99.What do Warren Buffet, George Soros, Paul T. Jones, Peter Lynch, Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman, Jim Cramer, Dan Zanger, Steve Burns, Matthew Kratter have in common? Besides all of them are successful investors and traders, of course.Add Jesse Livermore, Nicholas Darvas, T. Rowe Price to the list and the question remains.If you answer experience in financial industry or Ivy League financial education, you are dead wrong. Darvas was a professional dancer, Zanger was a pool contractor, and T. Rowe Price, Jr. held a chemistry degree from non-Ivy League universities.Intelligence is not the answer. Warren Buffet publicly mocked the importance of high IQs among investors. What if the BIG secret of making money from the stock market consistently is not intelligence, but winning habits instead? All the men above ...
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