Steve Ryan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 87

Do you want to possess the power to make money from the market automatically?What if the BIG secret of making money from the stock market consistently is not intelligence, but winning habits instead? The great Vince Lombardi once said, "Winning is a habit, but unfortunately, so is losing. Warren Buffet publicly mocked the importance of high IQs among investors.Hence, winning habit is the key to winning investments.Have you slammed your keyboard or throw your laptop because of trading?You have made $200 only to be down $500 the next 15 minutes. You started to feel a rush of blood to your head, your fist clenched, and your heartbeat went louder.Next thing you knew you shouted and smashed your computer mouse to the wall.Yeah, been there, done that.85% of people are losing money in the market anyway as they gamble their money away, trading and investing without cultivating winning habits ...
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