Steve Ryan
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 87

Do you want to possess the power to make money from the market automatically?What if the BIG secret of making money from the stock market consistently is not intelligence, but winning habits instead? The great Vince Lombardi once said, "Winning is a habit, but unfortunately, so is losing. Warren Buffet publicly mocked the importance of high IQs among investors.Hence, winning habit is the key to winning investments. But, what ARE winning habits? And how to cultivate them? And the answer is one word: Discipline.Indiscipline traders are prone to impulse trading. Impulse trading means trading without plan and strictly based on gut feeling. Impulse trading also means trading based on someone else’s opinion or even CNBC news.Do you believe in your gut feeling when it comes to investing? Well, tell me honestly, how did your gut treat you in Vegas? Just like the casinos, if you don't have ...
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