Sam Wood
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 42

There are many reasons for refusal of sugar. And an opportunity to dump a couple of kilograms - is not the special occasion to stick with sweet. There are at least eight more significant reasons to think of excluding sugar from the diet.Sugar is one of the most harmful products. One way when we use it as a part of fruit and vegetables, and quite another way a habit to eat the refined sugar or sweets. No matter, you have eaten a little ketchup or the drink milkshake. Anyway, sugar quickly and imperceptibly gets into our daily diet. There are at least eight reasons to think of new life without sugar.- Sugar weakens bones;- Sugar promotes increasing weight;- Sugar creates feeling of false hunger;- Sugar promotes aging;- Sugar causes accustoming;- White sugar deprives an organism of group B vitamins;- White sugar influences heart;- Sugar exhausts a power.In this book, you will discover how ...
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