McMillian Moody
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 75

What were they thinking? First Church has hired Eddie Hughes as part of their new security guard team. That's right - Eddie Hughes, the self-proclaimed quintessential ladies' man. All the single young women in the church who've successfully avoided Eddie in the past, will now have to dodge him full time!Excited about his new job, Eddie is all in and ready to roll. He's busy accessorizing his new uniform, even pondering the possibility of a stun gun, and all the while wondering what to do with Eldon Gates, his nutty, laid-back security guard partner.Then the tables are turned - Eddie discovers someone stalking him! Pursuing him relentlessly with cards, phone calls, and text messages, a certain young woman at First Church is driving him more than a little crazy. He's both flattered and terrified!Join the fun as Elmo, Thurm, Big Bird, Juliann, and the rest of the First Church gang welcome ...
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