D.W. Ulsterman
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 93

AMERICA'S MELTING POT BOILS OVER... Possibly the most controversial story yet from best-selling author, D.W. Ulsterman.EPISODES 7-12 - SAVE 50% OVER DOWNLOADING EACH EPISODE SEPARATELY!THE AMERICA WE ONCE KNEW IS NO MORE.In Season Two, readers continue to follow a group of Race Wars survivors as they fight to find safety in a world gone mad.EXCERPT:Allah, let Hussan’s knife be quick.So went Akrim’s silent plea as he awaited the inevitable pain that would announce the blade’s cutting of his throat.He closed his eyes tightly and held his breath, trying to remain brave in the face of his own imminent demise. Tears stung the corners of his eyes as he found fear welling up within him.The forty-year old Akrim Al-Saddi was not ready to die.“Hold him!”The Imam snarled the order as he tightened his grip on the knife handle.And then the room exploded in a cacophony of gunfire.Akrim ...
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