David Hambling
Publisher: Ryefield Press
Pages: 156

"I really enjoyed “Broken Meats” and I would really like to recommend it to all of our readers" -- Martin Belltov, Codices.info"I loved the pulp, kind-of-Sherlock feel to it" -- Brad Nelms, The Daily Pawn"Forget Harper Lee’s sequel – Norwood’s history has become horrifying fiction – meet Harry Stubbs" South Norwood Tourist BoardWeird things lurk in the dark streets of London in 1925.After a bizarre shooting incident, Harry Stubbs, former heavyweight boxer and sometime debt collector, is coerced into helping Mr Yang, a visitor from Shanghai. When Yang joins some renegade Theosophists for a séance, things start to go terribly wrong and Harry finds himself caught in a battle between occult powers, with strange enemies and stranger friends. It will take all his deductive skills – and his killer punch – to survive against the all-too-real arts of necromancy…Broken ...
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4.5 stars from 11 ratings
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