Ben Stevens
ASIN: B00ZW66510
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Pages: 9

A dying geisha describes her stormy affair with a Yakuza boss - and what she did to him when he tried to leave her...Based upon a true story.This is the 46th Ennin Mystery.The AMAZON US #1 Bestseller - The Ennin Mysteries: Collected Stories 1-5 (2014/11/29)NOW AVAILABLE: The Ennin Mysteries: Collected Series 1 - 5 (25 Stories) MEGAPACKAmazon reviews for ENNIN (various titles)'The greatest of Japan's detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted servant and chronicler Kukai...' M. Dowden, Hall of Fame, TOP 50 Amazon reviewer'I can't stop reading this series! If you love historical mysteries, you will love the period and cultural detail...' Pauline'Cleverly written and filled with facts regarding old Japan.... Very similar to Holmes and Watson...' Eileen Sedgwick'An excellent Japanese detective series... I enjoy each and every story...' R. Russell'Stevens keeps on delivering... This is a ...
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