Matthew Curry
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 122

One time, my boss nagged me to draw a portrait of his children. I didn’t want to do it. In order to draw a picture, I have to WANT to draw it. Drawing is hard, tedious work. I can’t spend three or four hours huddled over a piece of paper if there’s no passion in my heart. But my boss kept on hounding me. Later, when I reluctantly agreed to draw his children, he gave me a tiny, tiny photo of them. I could barely see their faces at all. I couldn’t make out any detail. In fact, the kids didn’t even appear to have noses.That portrait was one of the biggest headaches I’ve ever experienced.Since then, I’ve learned how to say no to people. My life is much easier now."How to Make an Artist Miserable" is more than a grumpy rant. It’s about the ways I’ve learned to cope with annoying people. Yes, it’s short. But it’s the most honest, sincere, vulnerable book I’ve ever ...
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