Arax Kermani
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Pages: 342

Crater's Edge, they'd said, a town at the westernmost reaches of the kingdom, was a name which conjured images of lawlessness and craterye, known for the madmen who lived there, famed for the one who'd left. They called him Ian, said they'd never seen eyes so blue or hair like the mirror's sheen. He wasn’t always insane. Raised on fables of the cradle of damnation, the godmen they called Khat'Sae'Neen, Ian had learned proper fear of gods. He was a good man, but an outcast.Nobody expected such craven things of him, the falsities of sight, sound, and mind, the murders. But people do desperate things when faced with the pyre of the inquisition and how desperate he's become.Trapped in a race against his own insanity, under threat of burial beneath the embers of the inquisition, Ian begins to learn the terrible truth of the Archon, his haunting dream, and even the very unraveling of ...
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