Ray Strong
ASIN: B012CS64U2
Publisher: Impulse Fiction
Pages: 353

The tentacles of a dying Earth reach out to strangle spacer civilization. The single person who can stop it is Meriel Hope—if only she can remember.Murdered parents. A busted spaceship. Stories that horrified the therapists and terrified the space stations. That’s what pirates left to twelve-year-old Meriel Hope. But  pirates didn’t exist, and for the authorities, that defined her as crazy.After ten years fighting flashbacks, nightmares, and involuntary drugs, she’s put her life back together and her past behind her. While civilization collapses around her, she searches for a mythical planet called Home to reboot her life.When her ruined ship lands on the recycle dock, she has only days to untangle the mysteries surrounding her parents’ death or face her own.What she discovers could rescue humanity from slavery, but it makes her a target.Again.And this time she can’t ...
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4.5 stars from 64 ratings
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