Ray Strong
ASIN: B012CS64U2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 355

They slaughtered her parents. They doubted her sanity. They’ll never underestimate her again.A deadly pirate attack stole Meriel Hope’s childhood, killing her parents and scattering her friends to the far reaches of space. Doubted by authorities and drugged against her will, she bides her time in foster care until she can bring the murderers to justice. When she's reunited with her orphaned friends—the only people who believe her story—she sets out to discover why no one bothered to find their parents' killers.While digging into their past, the orphans discover clues to a mythical planet called Home that may hold the answers they're looking for. But their search alerts the killers who are hiding the brutal massacre, the alien planet, and their evil plans. When the horrible truth behind the cover-up emerges, Meriel must confront her worst nightmares to save humanity from ...
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