RJ Parker Ph.D., Peter Vronsky Ph.D.
Publisher: RJ Parker Publishing
Pages: 400

SAVE $6 STARTING AUGUST 18 "A first-class introduction and secular guide to the complexities and history of forensic science." -- BOOKLIST With its clear explanations, this book is intended as a guide and reference to forensic techniques for true crime readers, mystery fans, arm-chair sleuths, front-line police officers, criminal attorneys, journalists, and crime authors. This encyclopedic book is a must read for any true crime aficionado.  "In 'Forensic Analysis and DNA in Criminal Investigations: Including Cold Cases Solved' bestselling true crime author RJ Parker takes the reader on an exciting tour behind the scenes and into the laboratory of forensic science. The book offers a fascinating history of forensic science and its key contributors. As always, Parker keeps the reader on the edge of his/her seat as he explains how forensic science and DNA analysis helped to solve ...
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