John Choisser
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Pages: 136

How to Build Aquaponic Systems to Grow Your Own FoodAquaponics systems can provide healthful and plentiful food, even where water is scarce. Compared with conventional methods, it has several advantages:•Organic vegetables with high yields in small space•Protein, in the form of fish whose nutrition you control•Water conservation (90% water savings over conventional farming)•No pesticides needed•No herbicides needed•Local food productionThere are two primary purposes for this book; first, to educate people about the promise aquaponics has for efficient and healthful food production, especially where water is scarce, and, second, to provide enough details for the reader to design the kind of system needed and where the resources can be found for building them for homes, organizations, and neighborhoods.The book includes detailed information about the fish, the plants, the ...
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