Pernilla Jarnestad
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 24

Potty training books for children? Make the potty training more fun with "Doris needs her potty!" , this book was named best potty training book in Swedens biggest family print magazine(Vi föräldrar) in an article named "learn by books" that covered many topics. Potty training can be hard, but with this children´s book it´s both easy and fun."Doris needs her potty", Printed version was published by Wahlströms/Massolit which is Swedens second largest publisher. Potty training can be a hassle, but potty training doesn´t need to be hard and boring. This is our first book about our character Doris, a girl always looking for an adventure. In this book she faces the trouble of really needing to use the potty, but she is far away from her potty. Where can she go? Everywhere she goes, it´s occupied.Playful, Fun and a colorful. Potty training doesn´t need to be boring.
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