Vincent Noot
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 194

Get this great deal with 2 books in one, for a price only slightly higher! This action figure drawing book helps you see the skeleton underneath the body, the basic figure behind the details, the must-know before getting into the complicated stuff. I will show you how to copy basic elements from perfectly awesome action figure drawings and use them for your own, personalized characters and scenes. You will discover, among others: Comic anatomyFighters and crazy posesHow to draw attractive womenDrawing strong guys from action figure examplesPoses with weaponsRomantic posesMonsters and muscled menBasic sketch techniques that will help you create action-packed figuresAnd much more!Keywords: drawing comic figures, draw action poses, drawing action poses, how to draw action poses, how to draw comic poses, draw cool comic figures, draw comic characters, how to draw comic characters, draw ...
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