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His parents had named him Sahl, meaning "easy," hoping that he would have a simple and happy life. Maybe if they had named him "difficult" it would actually have turned out that way. Born at the turn of the 20th century in the Ottoman Empire, Sahl had already experienced an earthquake, an assassination attempt on the sultan, the death of a family member, and his Empire's crushing defeat in the Balkans, which included a serious injury to his father, all before he was even a teenager. Hence, by the time World War I started, there wasn't really much Sahl hadn't been through. Until, of course, he finds who the Empire believes to be the root cause of all its problems and has sentenced to annihilation hiding in the back of his caravan.SON OF A MEDDAH is a young adult historical novel set in both a temporal and physical crossroads. It follows Sahl's journey from his happiness through his ...
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