Red Mikhail
ASIN: B01415K7LG
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 35

If you are an e-commerce store owner and you're tired of not finding the right suppliers for many of your product opportunities, then this book is for youInside you'll learn:-How to locate suppliers.-How to organize your suppliers’ information.-The exact “cheat sheet” that you need to make sure that you’re not missing any information that you need to be able to make a sound decision, on whether you should order the product or not.-How to negotiate the minimum order quantity (so you’ll pay less).-What are the best shipping options-What are the best practices that you should always follow so you won’t waste your time, money and effort. Stop being a mediocre e-commerce business and start growing your business today. Follow the steps I laid out and create a long term money maker business for you and your family
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