Janet Sue Bishop
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 425

A Time Travel Adventure; Nicole Powers thought that it would be fun to take her two best friends to Vegas for the weekend for a little R&R. Little did she know that she would be detoured to 1867. Oops! What? 1867? Her height of fashion is about to get her and her two best friends ran out of town on a rail, not to mention that they have no way to get back home, and no means to pay for the meal they just ate.Excerpt: Roseburg, Wisconsin, April 2, 1867. Web entered Roseburg with the thief's horse in tow. It wasn't a very big town. Deciding he may as well inquire about the horse before moving on, he went to the stables first. “Morning,” Web said, to the man mucking out the stalls. “Do you get very many people passing through town?”“Not a lot, but we got us a passel of three women yesterday. Old Man Irving brung ‘em in, all laid out on the back of his buckboard.”“Were they ...
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