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The lovely brunette on the run was using the assumed name of Sierra Brooks and she had just arrived in Miami, Florida, and she wasn't really ready for a new adventure. Controlling men was what she had perfected as her gift and her skill, but a casual encounter started the sexual mystery with a devilish man, and then she was wondering who was under whose spell. Jacob Lauder played the same games that she did, but then he was in her head and in her bed, and his sneaky ways kept taking her deeper and deeper. A lovely blonde named Kay Watson first took her in, and then Jacob Lauder was taking them both where they might not be able to get back from. The charismatic devil was hypnotizing. He thought that a mind and a lovely body was a terrible thing to waste. When the handcuffs went on all bets were off, and then the real hypnotism show started. Naked ambition soon changed into mind ...
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