RWK Clark
Publisher: Clarkinc
Pages: 203

The water has begun to taste horrible, and everyone around them has developed an unworldly taste for the putrid liquid. Everyone seems to be...changing.They are violent, and with each passing day, they seem hungrier and hungrier for...each other.Alicia and Jace enjoy the college life. He is a chemistry student, and she is a biology major. They mind their own business and they study hard, dedicating themselves to their future. They have never met, and if not for the terrifying circumstance of this zombie invasion about to overcome them both, they may never have.Now the two have to join forces, combining their mutual knowledge and skills in an effort to find a cure for the zombie virus. They struggle to win out over the ravaging undead who are roaming the Earth with them, in this Zombie Survival novel. They must discover a way to stop the terrifying changes that have taken place from this ...
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