RWK Clark
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 253

Water has turned ghastly and foul, thanks to a careless plastics company. Alicia is disgusted to see that not only are people drinking the stuff, but they are craving it, and they all seem to lash out at odd moments. The realization that she is living in a horror film hits her, everyone around her has the same violent, mindless mindset.Alicia Gaden is afraid, everyone seems to be changing. Everything around her seems to be going into chaos; the people while seemingly functioning, are changing before her very eyes. The water has begun to taste horrible, and everyone around them has developed an unworldly taste for the putrid liquid. They are distant and mindless, rude and violent, not only attacking each other, but eating each other as well. She isn’t sure, but Alicia is willing to bet it has something to do with the foul tasting water in the city. In an effort to research the ...
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