Iain Rob Wright
ASIN: B014LB61Z6
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 309

Mankind is about to become extinct.The world's best scientists are baffled when bizarre and immovable black stones appear across the globe. Anyone who touches one dies, and society spirals into a panic. Even more frightening, the stones seem to be waking up.Mankind holds its breath, waiting for what comes next...As worldwide anarchy threatens to erupt, United States Coast Guard captain, Guy Granger, sets off on a desperate journey across the Atlantic to rescue his kids, while Mina Magar is a photojournalist forced to take pictures of horrors she could never have imagined. Elsewhere, fading popstar, Rick Bastion, is suddenly forced to fight for his survival, despite wishing he was dead. Survival instinct isn't so easily ignored, and mankind won't go away quietly, but when the enemy finally reveals itself, all seems lost.The Gates is the 1st book in an epic apocalyptic saga with multiple ...
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