Abbey Johns
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 160

CRUISING HOLIDAYS DECODED Abbey has been cruising for the past 20 years, read how you can learn from her experience – the tips and tricks of cruising Are you new to cruising or thinking if it would suit you?If you're wondering whether cruising is for you or you are new to cruising, particularly if you’re from the UK, you’ll find the following useful information in the book: Where they sail The different types of cruise lines Tips and tricks/methods for saving money Benefits of cruising Which cruise line to choose On-board costs and how to keep them under control How to reduce spending on board Facilities available What do you need to take on a cruise and wear at dinner? The biggest cost you’ll experience on your cruise will be the price of the cabin and, depending on the time of year, whether there's a flight involved, where you are going, the number of nights, the facilities ...
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