Jane Lindley
ASIN: B01576CR98
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 56

Cartoons How to Draw Cartoon Faces Have you been wanting to draw cartoon characters but don't really know where to start? This book was written with you in mind! It uses easy-to-follow instructions to help you bring your cartoon characters to life. The descriptions used are creative and relate to everyday objects to help you make more sense of drawing each step of the characters. Along with the written step-by-step instructions, there are pictures that follow each step. You will learn how to draw a young girl, an old woman, a young boy, an old man, a woman, and a man, each with their own characteristics and personality. Each of the steps is easy to replicate and you can change them up bit by bit to make them your own characters. The simple instructions are easy to relate to. The creative descriptions help understand how to draw the shapes and lines for the characters and their ...
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