Iovana Yao
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 46

★★★ +2ND FREE PARENTING BOOK INCLUDED! NO e-MAIL OR PERSONAL DATA REQUIRED!★★★Parenting: FORGIVE ME FOR YELLING AT YOU! Easy Rules for Parents on How to Discipline a Spoiled and Disobedient Child, with Love and Gentleness, yet AssertivenessThis book is a comprehensive guide to parenting with love and gentleness while being firm and assertive.This book will be particularly helpful to those with so-called problem children. It will help you better understand the underlying causes behind children’s misbehavior and will give you simple but effective tips to deal with children’s behavioral issues with love and kindness.Parenting is rife with challenges, but especially more so when dealing with difficult or problematic behavior that often leads to an atmosphere of tension in the home. "Forgive Me for Yelling at You!" provides rules and strategies aimed at removing that negative ...
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